Exchange assets

The exchange asset coverage can be found by querying our /catalog/exchange-assets Link to exchange asset API docs or /catalog-all/exchange-assets Link to all exchange assets API docs API endpoints.

Exchange-asset pair Exchange Asset
bibox-1inch bibox 1INCH
bibox-aave bibox AAVE
bibox-abt bibox ABT
bibox-acs bibox ACS
bibox-ada bibox ADA
bibox-agld bibox AGLD
bibox-akro bibox AKRO
bibox-alcx bibox ALCX
bibox-algo bibox ALGO
bibox-alice bibox ALICE
bibox-amp bibox AMP
bibox-ankr bibox ANKR
bibox-ant bibox ANT
bibox-ape bibox APE
bibox-api3 bibox API3
bibox-apt bibox APT
bibox-arb bibox ARB
bibox-arkm bibox ARKM
bibox-atom bibox ATOM
bibox-avax bibox AVAX